The high quality of Áldomás products is ensured by the associated trade mark.

The Consumer-friendly Trademark is a mark suitable for identifying foods along the entire food chain, whose

  • composition,

  • applied treatments and procedures

allows identification of foods promoting health-conscious nutrition.

A particular feature of this new certifying trademark is the unique procedure of controlling compliance conditions over the entire food chain and not only at the various actors (producer, processing plant, etc.) in it.

In the course of certification, a fundamental condition is that the product’s properties be as close to natural, traditional, environmentally friendly, sustainability-ensuring and minimise chemical usage as possible.

Display of the Consumer-friendly Trademark on the packaging of the product:



Consumer-friendly food: food with added value spanning over the whole supply and sales chain that supports achieving positive life quality on top of the usual nutritional characteristics as a result of a complex value oriented attitude.

Added value can derive from: implementing values in the food of health and environmental consciousness, nature perseverance, traditional and nutritional science and values tailor made to the customer.

Áldomás Sub-brands
Áldomás products are classified into six categories based on their properties.