Áldomás Wild growing chamomile flower

The “Chamomile Flowers from the Great Hungarian Plain” are dried and selected flowers of wild chamomile collected manually from the controlled saline areas of the Great Hungarian Plain. The tea prepared from chamomile flowers has medicinal properties and can also used as daily fluid replenishment.

dried chamomile flowers from saline territories

Gourmet fineness
Beneficial effect
If applied internally, it is a herb with spasmolytic, demulcent and slightly tranquilising properties. It can be applied independently or supplementing therapies of medication against inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and to relieve the digestive system of tension and expelling gases from the gut. When inhaled, its antibacterial effect accelerates the healing process from diseases of the respiratory tract. Externally, it can be used to treat wounds and used as a demulcent in mouthwashes.
Directions for use
Infuse one filter bag in a cup with 1.5 dl of water. Leave it covered for 6-8 minutes and flavour to taste.
Áldomás Sub-brands
Áldomás products are classified into six categories based on their properties.