Áldomás Mangalitsa sausage mild

The smoked, spicy harmonic flavour is produced by the pepper, paprika, caraway seeds and garlic.

Mangalitsa meat, pork, pork lard, mixed spices (Class I ground sweet paprika, dextrose, table salt, sugar, ground caraway seeds, colouring: paprika extract and carminic acid, ground black pepper, spice extracts, antioxidant: rosemary extract), curing salt (table salt, preservative: sodium nitrite), dried garlic, pig’s small intestine G 26

Gourmet fineness
Beneficial effect
To achieve the real taste of farmyard food, we use traditional processes when producing our premium category products. The muscle tissues of the Mangalica variety represent higher dry matter content thus, related to this fact, higher fat content is also a characteristic. Higher fat content means better taste. Its beneficial oleic acid (around 50%), antioxidant and micro element content are essential to maintain a healthy diet. Based on previous tests, in the meat of the pork leg, among iron, manganese, zinc and vitamin B, the concentration of thiamine and riboflavin was significantly higher compared to modern pig varieties. The meat of Mangalica contains 12-16% less of saturated fatty acids and 8-10% more unsaturated fatty acids compared to the meat of other varieties.
Directions for use
Ideal for sandwiches and cold platters and indispensable for preparing traditional Hungarian dishes.
Áldomás Sub-brands
Áldomás products are classified into six categories based on their properties.