Áldomás Acacia

Our organic acacia honey originates from territories adequately distant from any conventionally cultivated agricultural areas, industrial areas and public roads. The honey’s purity is guaranteed by these territories, free from such detrimental external loads.

Acacia honey

Gourmet fineness
Beneficial effect
Honey is man’s healthiest source of carbohydrates, but the real treasure here is the diversity of other substances it contains. It is rich in minerals, contains vitamins, organic substances, essential oils and important enzymes. It also contains amino acids, proteins and other bioactive materials. More than dozen macro and micro elements can be found in it. It has an exceptionally high content of enzymes, giving honey its antibiotic property.
Directions for use
Honey produces benevolent effects even when consumed on its own, but it is also a perfect enhancement to the gastronomic experience when added to tea or cakes.
Áldomás Sub-brands
Áldomás products are classified into six categories based on their properties.