Áldomás: “Made with Hungarian passion”

In our fast-moving world it is increasingly important that the food on our table day after day not only be tasty, but nourish in the noblest sense of the word.

Áldomás products present the rich gastronomical values and premium quality foods of Hungary and the Carpathian Basin to the consumers.

General characteristics of Áldomás products:

  • Carefully selected, organic and natural ingredients
  • GMO-free products made without flavour enhancing additives
  • Gentle processing and care in the course of production
  • Quality tracking from farm to table

We create value

Áldomás is a community brand, comprising products of producers committed to creating natural foods rich in nutrients, sharing a set of common values.

Each product is subjected to a strictly controlled qualifying process, from farm to table, ensuring the excellent quality of the foodstuffs. The prime products, the delicate processing procedures, the entirely GMO-free and flavour enhancing additive-free production and the minimised use of chemicals and additives all contribute to making dishes prepared from Áldomás foods not only nourish, but exert their benevolent effects on the organism’s functioning, promoting health-conscious nutrition.

The Áldomás brand, created with the cooperation of the Hungarian National Trading House comprises food products produced using environmentally friendly procedures that represent premium category in terms of appearance, content and the ingredients used.

Áldomás Sub-brands
Áldomás products are classified into six categories based on their properties.