Life & Smart

Áldomás foods with the most positive physiological effects are grouped in the Life & Smart sub brand. Serious innovation, high added value and health-consciousness characterises these products. For consumers living a conscious and preventive lifestyle, this assortment of Áldomás products is a primary choice. Key characteristics and properties of Áldomás Life & Smart products (apart from the general properties of Áldomás products): innovation, outstandingly pure raw materials, a product range fully serving those living a health-conscious lifestyle, important nutrients for a balanced diet.
Conscious lifestyle
Each product is subjected to a stringent qualifying process, from the farmland all the way to production of the finished product. The prime products, the delicate processing procedures, the entirely GMO-free and flavour enhancing additive-free production and the minimised use of chemicals all contribute to making dishes prepared from Áldomás foods not only nourish, but to exert their benevolent effects on the organism.
The development of the Life & Smart products is in most cases supported by significant research and work, thanks to the use of scientifically elaborated special production procedures and special ingredients.
Essential nutrients
We offer foodstuff that is free of chemicals and unnecessary additives, preserve their original values, are nutritious and also ensure the sustainability of their production.
Áldomás Sub-brands
Áldomás products are classified into six categories based on their properties.