The Herba category

Áldomás Herba represents the world famous Hungarian medicinal plant culture and tradition. Products in this product family are characterised by a wide variety of uses and processing methods of medicinal plants. The aim of these superb quality products is to support healthy lifestyle.
Made with Hungarian passion
A considerable part of the Carpathian Basin is excellent arable land with top quality soil rich in nutrients. This is accompanied by a favourable climate and the centuries of food industry expertise of the locals.
Raw materials of purely plant origin
The use of medicinal plant recalls the ancient connection of man and nature.
World famous Hungarian medicinal plant culture
The use of plants for medical purposes looks back on several millenia of traditions. Interest for medicinal plants increases year after year, thanks to which more and more people start to trust fold medicine and use “nature’s pharmacy” to treat their ailments. The collection and use of the plants found in nature look back on several millenia of traditions. Medicinal plants with high essential oil content have traditionally been in rich abundance in the Carpathian Basin and are therefore well sought after in international platforms.
Áldomás Sub-brands
Áldomás products are classified into six categories based on their properties.