Áldomás Organic Topinambour Ketchup

The reinterpretation of an old classic

Ketchup is one of our favourite dressings; captive fans use it for almost all foods they eat. Áldomás Organic Topinambour Ketchup is an old classic revisited, containing besides the obligatory tomatoes Topinambour, known to have very benevolent effects on the human organism.

Topinambour is getting increasingly popular

Topinambour are indigenous to North America, and used to serve as a staple crop for Native Americans. They were first cultivated in France and Italy in Europe. It was introduced to Hungary in the 17th century, with varying success. Fortunately, its popularity is on the rise again and by now has become one of the most important crops of organic vegetable farming.

A remedy to civilization diseases

It has already proven its worth as a remedy in treating obesity and preventing coronary diseases, but it is also known as a foodstuff to prevent cancer. The substance called inulin it contains is proven to decrease the blood’s concentration of insulin, playing an important role in the diets of patients with diabetes.

Not to be neglected is the fact that it reduces craving sweets and fatigue. Topinambour is also a good idea when regenerating the intestinal flora after a course of antibiotics.

Selected ingredients

Ingredients of the producer’s products originate fully from renowned Hungarian eco-farms. One such farm is managed by Mátyás Nemes, elected ‘Biofarmer of the year’ in 2015.

His farm supplies one of the key ingredients of our products; the Topinambour.

The other is tomato, which is fully incorporated into the product (including skins, pulp and seeds), enriching it with valuable oils and minerals.

The producer’s products, - including ketchup - are free of preservatives and additives. Preservation is solely done by heat treatment. As this product contains no added sugar or sweeteners, its glycaemic index is low.

When developing the production technology, the managers of the company focused on achieving high quality, ensured by top quality domestic raw materials and well-conceived and delicate procedures.

The processing yields a creamy, finely spiced, smooth tasting ketchup in glass jars, containing the valuable minerals and vitamins of the ingredients thanks to the delicate procedure.


tomatoes, Topinambour, grape juice, apple vinegar, beetroot pulp, onion powder, table salt, garlic powder, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), ground cinnamon, ground black pepper, ground clove, ground allspice

Organic Topinambour Ketchup is perfectly suitable for bases and for meat marinades, as dressings, for French fries, frankfurters and barbecued sausages, cold meats and sandwiches.

The producers’ committed to informing consumers of the positive physiological effects of Topinambour, to make it a part of daily nutrition, making the next generation healthier!

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