Áldomás Beetroot and apple juice wonder

The savour of fresh fruit and vegetable Beetroot and apples; may seem to be an odd couple at first, but Áldomás’ 100% Natural Beetroot and apple juice wonder creates a perfect harmony both in terms of flavours and nutrients. This savoury drink is made from Topáz and Pinova apples and freshly harvested beetroots, certified to be free from traces of chemicals. The prolonged pressing technology lasts eight times longer than the conventional procedure, allowing a larger volume of valuable nutrients and dietary fibre enter the fruit juice. The unique flavour is entirely the result of natural processing, as it contains no added sugar, colouring agents, preservatives and aromas.

A quarter of a century of expertise

The 25 year old family farm producing Beetroot and apple juice wonder cultivates and produces the fruits and juices in a responsible garden farming system. The garden is a productive farm and a habitat at the same time, protecting indigenous flora and fauna by applying responsible agricultural practices.

The 100% Natural Áldomás Beetroot and apple juice wonder is particularly popular because of its flavour and its natural ingredients supporting a health-conscious lifestyle.

Besides the unique flavour experience, this delicious natural fruit juice retains all the benevolent physiological effects of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Consumed on its own, a glass of Beetroot and apple juice wonder may substitute an entire meal daily.


  • 50% apple juice from Topáz and Pinova apple cultivars and 50% fresh-picked beetroot juice,

  • 0% added flavours, sugar, artificial colouring agents and preservatives.

Áldomás Sub-brands
Áldomás products are classified into six categories based on their properties.